Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Ekkkk!!!  I'm a little excited to say that I've been working day and night on products, photos and getting my Etsy store back up and running.

Eco Aarde (Dutch for Eco Earth) is certainly close to my heart, my aim is to make practical and re-usable items that replace the throw away equivalent.  There will be other small items that I love to make also but my main focus is for Earth friendly products.

Want to see some photos?  Here is a taste of what's in the shop.....

Baby/child washcloths:  
These crochet washcloths fit nicely in your hand to wash your little one.  They are made from 8 ply cotton from Bendigo Woollen Mills and come in a variety of colours.

Baby Basket:
This gorgeous pack consists of 3 cotton burp cloths, 2 baby washcloths and 1 cotton rope basket all made by myself.  These packs make the perfect gift or a lovely little something for your little one.


Dishcloth Basket:
This pack will become a staple in your kitchen with 3 dishcloths, 1 dish scrubbie and 1 cotton rope basket.  I love using these items in my own kitchen and I know you will love them too.

I'll be back tomorrow with some more products, I hope you've enjoyed seeing what I've been making.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Eco Aarde

After years of thinking about what direction I wanted my market and online products to look like, a few months ago I decided to make the change I've always wanted to make.  Eco Aarde (pronounced Arrduh) is Dutch for Eco Earth, the perfect name for me.

My products will mainly be made from natural sources and designed to be a re-useable replacement for throw away items.  That is my focus, to provide great quality products to help the environment and our Earth.

Over the next few days I will be re-activating my Etsy store and shamelessly plugging my Facebook page and of course sharing photos of my products for you all to see.

Time to get back to work, thanks so much for hanging around while I sort my work/life balance out.


Monday, December 21, 2015


A very quick design on a few cards that needed to made in limited time.  I'm pretty happy with them, I hope the recipients will like them too.

Oreo has taken to sleeping under the Christmas tree, he makes a very cute present.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

30 DAYS OF LISTS - December

I have participated in other 30 days of lists in the past and I really do love the concept.  I am a list maker, it's what I've always done.  My biggest problem with doing this sort of project is keeping it simple, after all each list is only supposed to take 5 minutes.  Even though I am working hard on keeping it simple, each day takes way longer than that which is why I am behind.

I decided on an old op shop book for my cover, I cut out the pages and re-covered the inside with paper, punched 2 holes and added metal eyelets and rings.  I covered the title with paper and added some glitter number stickers.

I love the prompts but have changed a couple to suit my life like number 4 below.

More lists to come, I've been doing a rough copy in a journal while I've been travelling so they shouldn't take as long to do.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Our lives have been crazy busy but I can't believe it's been this long between posts.  I spend a lot of time traveling with Lachie, most of the time up and back to Adelaide in one day (9 1/2 hour round trip) as he is in the State training side for under 15 cricket.  I have to say it's exhausting but very rewarding to see how far he can go.

On the craft front I have tried a few new things, finished a few older things and just generally not really getting a lot achieved.  I hit a major low and was even considering selling all my craft supplies, that of course did not last long but it did make me take a look at my priorities and what I really love doing when it comes to making stuff.  I tossed up going back to markets but the reality is I don't have the time and my weekends are busy enough as it is.

So here we are, not far from Christmas and I of course pick this time to make a few goodies.

I was doing the dishes last night, we had a lot, and I ran out of room yet again so decided that after work today I would make up a dish draining mat for those extras.

Using a hand towel and fabrics from my stash, I came up with this mat.  When doing tonight's dishes I had a smile on my face seeing my pretty fabrics next to me on the bench, what a great way to do dishes.

Over the last few months I've spent some time really finding what makes me truly happy when it comes to my crafty pursuits.  I love to make things and I love that others love the things I make so I've narrowed what I want to do (watch this space), as my main problem aside from time management is that I want to do so many things.

I do hope there are still some people around reading my blog, I feel a giveaway happening very soon as a thank you for sticking around.


Monday, August 10, 2015


Well I'm in love, I feel another crafty addiction coming on.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Oh I've had a wonderful week decluttering and changing my craft room into a multi purpose room.  I couldn't be happier with the result and of course now I have my own little space for yoga and to practice Reiki and aromatherapy on family and friends.


See what I had to deal with?  My first step, apart from cleaning out the crap was to bring in an old metal screen I had on our verandah.  I didn't realise how rusty it had gotten but as I didn't have any money for another screen, I decided to cover it from the front with fabric.


As you can see, I still need to do a cover-up job for my fabric stash.  I'm nearly there though and when the table is folded down it feels so spacious.

It's amazing what a difference curtains in front of  shelves, screen and doorway can make.  Add in a couple of floating shelves and take a heap of stuff to charity and I'm one happy girl.

I did my first Reiki in quite a while on a friend over the weekend, it felt so good and so right.

Friday, May 22, 2015


For someone who teaches quilting, I'm ashamed to say that I haven't actually made a quilt in over 18 months.  I have so many crafty pursuits and I lost my mojo somewhere between crochet and scrapbooking.  Well it's time to rectify this and for months now I've had 3 big bags of fabric sitting in my craft space ready to sell, give away or simply throw out because I was over having so much stuff. Those bags have proven to be my inspiration for quilting again.  I want to use up the fabric, I want to create quilts again and I want to smile while I make them.

These will be simple, scrappy, happy quilts, quilts that hopefully others love and make them smile too.

Here is a small amount of pulled fabric from those bags ready to make a pretty quilt or two.

Progress on quilt no.1 using low value fabrics.

I would love to keep going but I really need to get ready for work.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

tee hee hee

I love this....

OH NO.....

I've done it again, it's been a month since I last blogged!!!!  Well here's a little crafty catch up.

I started a HAED (Heaven & Earth Design) cross stitch and I've been finding a little bit of time most days to get a few stitches done, I even made myself a little stitching corner in our lounge and it's working.  I sit back there still being able to watch the tv and chat with family and patiently work on my masterpiece.

This is the piece I'm working on, it's Gypsy Firefly by Aimee Stewart.

I bought these lovely needle keepers to keep my threads in order, I never knew I needed them but now I have them, they make life so much easier.

This is week 2 of my progress.

and week 3, not a lot of difference but I've been working a lot in the last couple of weeks.

My stitchy corner and thanks to my wonderful hubby, a lovely photo of me using it last night (dressing gown, shawl, blankie and all).

I pulled out this little cutie this week to hook a few more rows.  Love how it's coming together.

Until next time......... bye.