Monday, August 10, 2015


Well I'm in love, I feel another crafty addiction coming on.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Oh I've had a wonderful week decluttering and changing my craft room into a multi purpose room.  I couldn't be happier with the result and of course now I have my own little space for yoga and to practice Reiki and aromatherapy on family and friends.


See what I had to deal with?  My first step, apart from cleaning out the crap was to bring in an old metal screen I had on our verandah.  I didn't realise how rusty it had gotten but as I didn't have any money for another screen, I decided to cover it from the front with fabric.


As you can see, I still need to do a cover-up job for my fabric stash.  I'm nearly there though and when the table is folded down it feels so spacious.

It's amazing what a difference curtains in front of  shelves, screen and doorway can make.  Add in a couple of floating shelves and take a heap of stuff to charity and I'm one happy girl.

I did my first Reiki in quite a while on a friend over the weekend, it felt so good and so right.

Friday, May 22, 2015


For someone who teaches quilting, I'm ashamed to say that I haven't actually made a quilt in over 18 months.  I have so many crafty pursuits and I lost my mojo somewhere between crochet and scrapbooking.  Well it's time to rectify this and for months now I've had 3 big bags of fabric sitting in my craft space ready to sell, give away or simply throw out because I was over having so much stuff. Those bags have proven to be my inspiration for quilting again.  I want to use up the fabric, I want to create quilts again and I want to smile while I make them.

These will be simple, scrappy, happy quilts, quilts that hopefully others love and make them smile too.

Here is a small amount of pulled fabric from those bags ready to make a pretty quilt or two.

Progress on quilt no.1 using low value fabrics.

I would love to keep going but I really need to get ready for work.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

tee hee hee

I love this....

OH NO.....

I've done it again, it's been a month since I last blogged!!!!  Well here's a little crafty catch up.

I started a HAED (Heaven & Earth Design) cross stitch and I've been finding a little bit of time most days to get a few stitches done, I even made myself a little stitching corner in our lounge and it's working.  I sit back there still being able to watch the tv and chat with family and patiently work on my masterpiece.

This is the piece I'm working on, it's Gypsy Firefly by Aimee Stewart.

I bought these lovely needle keepers to keep my threads in order, I never knew I needed them but now I have them, they make life so much easier.

This is week 2 of my progress.

and week 3, not a lot of difference but I've been working a lot in the last couple of weeks.

My stitchy corner and thanks to my wonderful hubby, a lovely photo of me using it last night (dressing gown, shawl, blankie and all).

I pulled out this little cutie this week to hook a few more rows.  Love how it's coming together.

Until next time......... bye.

Sunday, April 19, 2015


A few weeks ago I put a call out on fb wanting to buy a knitting machine and of course I didn't think I would get one locally but what do you know?  A lovely couple had one sitting in their shed and said I could have it for $40.  I jumped at the chance and became the proud owner of a Singer 329 in very good condition.  I purchased an online manual and found I needed a couple of inexpensive parts that were quickly ordered on Ebay and now I think I'm ready to tackle the beast, there is so much to learn I swear you need an engineering degree to understand everything in this manual.

At work I got another bargain, an electric yarn winder for $29, so happy with that price I can tell you as I know what they sell for online.

Last night I re-wound a couple of balls of yarn so they have a centre pull (apparently that's important for the knitting machine) and I'm all ready to go, well hopefully tomorrow.

Today I was a little pre-occupied with salvaging an old redgum sleeper and turning it into an essential oil board.  I love this earthy idea and of course once I had the idea, I needed to act right away.

While I love my new board, I still need to oil it more to bring out the red in the timber, another job for another day I think.

At 6am this morning I was up and sewing.  These cotton rope baskets have been on my to do list and I was itching to make some up.

Oh my, I love how they turned out and it looks like there might be lots of baskets as gifts this year because I can't seem to get enough of the meditative hum as I stitch round and round forming these lovelies.

These handles are so sweet.

I had a little play with colour but I'm not sold on what I've done.

This little one is perfect for my precious stones.

What a productive and happy day I've had.  Tomorrow, not so great as our gravity fed hot water system has just blown again.  That means emptying everything out of our laundry and big storage cupboard, changing the element in the system with water pouring out everywhere, then cleaning it all up and putting everything back.  We go through this every 3 years or so, so we know the drill quite well.  One day we will have a new evaporative tube solar system but until we save enough we put up with this one.

Monday, April 6, 2015


I'm a little all over the place with PL this year, I'm still catching up from all the time we were away for cricket in Adelaide.  I've changed my album to 6x12, then changed it back!  While I love the 6x12, I would end up with 2 albums for the year and the point of me only doing 1 page per week was to keep it to one album due to lack of storage in our little home.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


I've started up my other blog again over at What Are You Waiting For? (Link is to the right on my sidebar).  I would love for you to have a visit and read how I am going about leading a simpler life.

Saturday, January 31, 2015


So.... After going back and forth about how to tackle PL this year (or if I was even going to do it) I made a decision that is right for me.  I'm taking more of a hybrid approach this year, making the most of my digital supplies and using up my physical supplies also.  There will be no more buying physical supplies as I have so many and simply not enough room.

Over the last year my digital stash has gotten huge.  I now have my favourite designers that I tend to buy from but I do need to cut back on what kits I buy and be a little more selective.



WEEK 2 page 1

WEEK 2 page 2

WEEK 2 insert 1

WEEK 2 insert 2

Monday, January 26, 2015


Here are some of the finished digital PL pages from 2014.  I hope to be finished with the year very soon.

week 38

week 39

week 40

week 41

week 42

week 43

week 44

week 45